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Karl Beckett

Topics centre around your resilience as a leader in business. How to manage and lead teams effectively in the work place,  build good relationships both in your personal life and work. Create an engaged team at work, a good work culture, developing succession in business, managing family businesses, starting a new role at work or new business, work life balance, managing divorce and developing personal wellbeing and wellness.

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Want to set up your own business and go it alone?
Jul 27 2023
Want to set up your own business and go it alone?
I am joined by Jon Chadwick who is Founder and MD of Durham Distillery and Durham Gin. Jon is going to share his story when he set up the business over 10 years ago. Durham Distillery distil and manufacture small batches of craft spirits, set in the historic city of Durham. I discuss with Jon why he took the plunge and set up Durham Gin. The mindset challenges for making the career change, the transition across, managing yourself, creating a sustainable business and moving into a new sector.In detail, topics we will cover - 31 mins length:- 1.       Why did you completely change career direction and secondly decide to set up a Distillery business? 1 min 31 secs2.       What mindset challenges did you have to overcome at the start? 5 mins 18 secs 3.       The Transition across. If someone is considering a new business venture, what advice would you give on any planning before you take the plunge?  11 mins 16 secs 4.       When we may have come from a secure environment of a large organisation or paid role for many years, what do we need to be aware about managing yourself in business? 15 mins 06 secs 5.       Other than above, any other challenges in those early years? 20 mins 40 secs 6.       Once you have established a great product or service. What can you do to ensure the business is protected and sustainable for the future medium to long term?   23 min 10 secs   7.       As a newcomer into an industry in those early years, how can we communicate or work with the industry to strengthen your business? 26 min 05 secs 8.       One other challenge and or teaching over the last 10 years of business? 27 mins 30 secs
Succession and growth in a family business
Feb 27 2023
Succession and growth in a family business
Family businesses are an integral part of our economy and in this podcast I talk to; Michael Mitten, CEO of Houghton International, who shares his story around succession and the challenges he faced in growing the family business to being the best in the world in improving the performance of electro mechanical assets around the world.  Michael took on the CEO role in 2006 and the companies Head office, the Ronnie Mitten works, is based in Shields road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. They serve  industries such as power generation, rail, oil and gas, mining, water and wind power, manufacturing and bus and coach.Topics we cover:-1. Intro 2. How did you start out in the business?   1 min 56 sec3. How did you become CEO? 5 min 30 sec4. Looking back, wearing another hat, what advice would you have given the Directors in those early days around succession for the next generation?    9 min 20 sec5. When you took the CEO role on, how did you know the way forward?   14 mins 50 secs6. What were those challenges in the early days in 2006?    20 min 20 sec7. How did you embed the values into the business?  22 min 40 sec8. What are the challenges today and for you as CEO? 27 min 08 sec9. What advice would you give a CEO about how to let go? 30 min 45 sec10. It is a lonely job at times as a CEO. How do you continue to enjoy the responsibility? 35 mins 02 sec11. What advice would you give a young person starting out in business around integrity?  27 mins 28 sec.
Key ingredients of a successful marriage or partnership
Nov 11 2022
Key ingredients of a successful marriage or partnership
Interview with Jane Netts Psychotherapist and counsellor, to discuss what are the key ingredients of a successful long-term marriage or partnership. 41 minutes long and contains adult content.Covering:-1.       What is the most important key ingredient of a marriage or long-term partnership? And a close second? 2.       What risk may we take in a marriage or partnership?3.       When there are differences how do partners work well together?4.       How important is honesty?  5.       How important is agreement on finance and money in a relationship? Also you mentioned sex? 6.       When trust has been broken, can it be easily repaired? Where does forgiveness play it's part here?7.       Any tips on how to create an environment of good communication with partners?8.       When there are pressures of work, or a focus on bringing up the kids, or looking after Grandparents how important is it we bring the focus back to the couple? Over the next 40 mins or so Jane and I will be exploring the answer to these and other questions. Jane Netts is originally from a Commercial background working for ten years in business and marketing. Since then she has been a Psychotherapist and counsellor for 25 years working with individuals, couples, young people and specialising in psychosexual and couples work. She also supervises and trains other counsellors.5 love languages Quiz