Collaboration, Best Practices are Benefits of the PRGN Network

Copper State of Mind: public relations, media, and marketing in Arizona

1w ago • 29 mins

In this episode, Abbie Fink and Dr. Adrian McIntyre discuss the benefits of the https://prgn.com/ (Public Relations Global Network), which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Read Abbie Fink's blog post for this episode: https://hmapr.com/collaboration-best-practices-are-benefits-of-the-prgn-network/ ("Collaboration, Best Practices Are Benefits of the PRGN Network") If you enjoyed this episode, please follow the Copper State of Mind podcast in your favorite app. We publish a new episode every other Tuesday. Just pick your preferred podcast player from this link and follow the show: https://www.copperstateofmind.show/listen (https://www.copperstateofmind.show/listen) Additional Resources https://hmapr.com/local-and-national-public-relations/ ("What is the Difference Between Local and National Public Relations?") by Abbie Fink https://hmapr.com/unmatched-resources-pr-network/ ("Unmatched Resources of a PR Network") by Scott Hanson https://hmapr.com/how-prgn-got-started/ ("How PRGN Got Started") by Scott Hanson Copper State of Mind is a project of https://hmapr.com/ (HMA Public Relations), a full-service public relations and marketing communications firm in Phoenix.   The show is recorded and produced in the studio of https://phx.fm/ (PHX.fm), the leading independent B2B podcast network in Arizona.