Episode 139: Interview with Grant Sabatier, Author of Financial Freedom


Jul 29 2020 • 43 mins

Grant Sabatier, author of Financial Freedom, is today's guest. We talk about his book, the FIRE movement, and his work with Vicki Robin. Show transcript: Hey there. I'm Dawn Starks, author of Simplify Your Financial Life, and your host for the SimpleMoney Podcast, where we make personal finance simple. Welcome. This is Episode 139. Today's interview is with Grant Sabatier, creator of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom. I met Grant last fall at the FinCon conference, and I've been a fan ever since. His book is fantastic, I did a review of it on the blog if you're interested. Grant and I have several things in common, but one is our mutual respect and admiration for the work of Vicki Robin, author of the personal finance book Your Money or Your Life. It's my number one book recommendation for anyone wanting to become more financially literate. I hope you enjoy my interview with Grant Sabatier. DS: Grant Sabatier, welcome to the SimpleMoney Podcast. GS: G