Dawn Starks

Financial planner Dawn Starks combines her love of personal finance with her passion for simple living. People often find personal finance complex and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Listen in to find ways to make your financial life simpler.
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Episode 154: Let's Talk Compartmentalizing
Episode 154: Let's Talk CompartmentalizingEpisode 153: Interview with Shanna Goodman, Brand Strategist and Empire BuilderEpisode 152: Let's Talk: How Can I Simplify?Episode 151: Interview with Chuck Jaffe, Author and Host of Money LifeEpisode 150: Let's Talk Financial ComparisonEpisode 149: Interview with Bobbi Olson, Budget CoachEpisode 148: Let's Talk ProcrastinationEpisode 147: Interview with Chris Mamula, Author of Choose FIEpisode 146: Let's Talk Getting Back on TrackEpisode 145:  Interview with Leisa Peterson, Author of The Mindful MillionaireEpisode 144:  Unequal Wealth Among FriendsEpisode 143: Interview with Shoshanah Dietz, Founder of Mid-Life MinimalistEpisode 142:  Startling Facts about Racial Financial InequalityEpisode 141: Interview with Leia Smith, Member of the SimpleMoney CommunityEpisode 140: Two Reasons NOT to Consolidate Your Credit Card DebtEpisode 139:  Interview with Grant Sabatier, Author of Financial FreedomEpisode 138:  Mid-Year Update on my 2020 Simplicity GoalsEpisode 137: Interview with Ellen Scott Grable, EssentialistEpisode 136: Summertime is Decluttering TimeEpisode 135: Interview with Joshua Becker, Founder of Becoming Minimalist