Beth Pope | GoDaddy

MarPro - The Marketing Procurement Podcast

Jun 16 2021 • 48 mins

On this episode we visit with Beth Pope, the Procurement Manager for Marketing at GoDaddy to discuss her perspective as a UNICORN in the world of marpro since she previously worked as a marketer before crossing over to procurement... or as Rusty likes to say, "the darkside"!

Here are the key lessons discussed in this episode…

  • Lessons learned as a marketer working in procurement
  • Simplifying requirements & processes
  • Gaining acceptance from marketing when launching a marpro department
  • Aligning legal with marpro
  • Questions marketers need to be asking their marpro peers
  • Roles and playing Good Cop / Bad Cop
  • RFP's - Using discretion to keep vendors honest, while also not being a disruption to the business