104. 18 New Clients and Counting

Coaches on a Mission

May 1 2022 • 0 seconds

If you’re a values driven coach and you want a clear path to more clients without complicated strategies or sketchy sales tactics, this episode is for you.

I’ve invited three coaches to talk about what they learned to bring in 18 new clients and counting using Client Surge as their guide.

Before we dive in, I want you to know that on Tuesday, May 3rd 2022, the doors to Client Surge will open.  Client Surge is my proven step by step process to help you find 7 paying clients in 30 days.

We will kick enrollment off with a free workshop called Clients From Scratch. This class will teach you all about client centered selling, so whether you decide to join me inside the full paid course or not, the free workshop is a must.

You can grab your free spot for Clients From Scratch at dallastravers.com/clients

So go do that now. Then come on back and listen to James, Jessica and Kate share the behind the scenes of their Client Surge Process.

Not only will you learn about how to really hold space for your clients during sales calls, but it will also give you great insight into what client surge is all about so you can decide whether or not you want to jump in.

I hope you enjoy the episode.


JAMES: @worldofjames

KATE: @katewstone

JESSICA: @jessicaraaumfoster


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