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Coaches on a Mission is the podcast to listen to if you're a values-driven coach and you want the freedom, confidence, and impact that comes with a prosperous coaching business. Dallas Travers' podcast offers real-time coaching sessions with real life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their team and build their lists. Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world. If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

108. How to Promote When You Don’t Have Anything to Sell
Here’s a question: what the heck are you supposed to talk about when you don’t have anything to sell? Once your client roster is full and you’ve moved into a launch model with a course or group program, it’s hard to promote your offerings when they’re not actually available.  That’s the issue today’s guest faced. Her name is Sarah Light. She’s the creator of the beautiful yearly planner called Sol Planners.  BTW… we’ve linked to her gorgeous planners in the show notes. I have one and it’s so super yummy.   Sarah sells a lot of planners from October to about Mid February.  After that, she doesn’t have any offerings… and doesn't want them.  Yet, because her business serves coaches, she gets the importance of list building and engaging your audience. But that’s always felt off because how much can you really talk about planners in June, right? But the two of us do a pretty good job of creating a year-long marketing plan designed to maintain a solid connection with her audience and build up a ton of anticipation for the glorious day when the next year’s planners drop.  Even though Sarah sells a product and you may be a coach, you likely need a year long marketing plan so that when you do move into a launch or a client surge, your audience is waiting with bated breath to dive in.  So let’s get into it… CONNECT WITH SARAH: SARAH’S PLANNER: Https://solplanners.com INSTAGRAM: Www.Instagram.com/solplanners CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE RESOURCE: Coaching Superpower Quiz: https://dallastravers.com/quiz
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107. Pitch Yourself to Podcasts106. 3 Critical Hiring Mistakes to Avoid No Matter What Role You Hire for
My guest today is Cindy Harvey who has helped me make 2 very essential hires in my business over the last 12 or so months.  You know when you meet those people who immediately make you want to strategize a plan to become best friends? Cindy is one of those people for me. Truthfully, immediately after she helped me hire our Project Lead, Julie, I said to my team… I can’t wait to hire somebody else just so I can work with Cindy again. And Cindy is here today to help you avoid some of the most common hiring mistakes coaches make. Now, before you decide this episode doesn’t apply to you because your business isn’t quite big enough to have a team… think again.  Whether you need to hire your very first VA or like me, you’ve got a few full-time employees, you will learn essential lessons that will set you, the contractors or employees you hire AND your business up for long term success.  A bit more about Cindy before we dive in… She’s a hiring expert, leadership coach, and founder of Amelia Dee, a company that helps online coaches find, assess, and hire the right talent for their growing teams. After spending 15 years making the hiring process fair and easy for hundreds of leaders, Cindy has seen it all. Now she helps online coaches make sound hiring decisions so they can step into their leadership potential with team members who are connected to their mission. Cindy is a Certified Human Resources Leader and an active member of the Human Resources Professionals Association.  And I am so excited to introduce her to you… so let’s get going! CONNECT WITH CINDY: INSTAGRAM: @cindyharveyonline LINKEDIN: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/cinharv CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE RESOURCE: Coaching Superpower Quiz: https://dallastravers.com/quiz
May 12 2022
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105. How to Address the Money Concern
The online world talks so much about overcoming objections. There are entire courses on overcoming objections. There are strategies and tips and all of this talk about how to convert more clients by overcoming their objections.  Here's the problem with that line of thinking, as values driven coaches, we don't want to be against our clients ever. So the idea of overcoming objections feels like coercion, manipulation, or at the very least “me against you”. And that is no way to enroll dream clients.  Inside of Client Surge, as well as in The Hive, we reframe this idea of overcoming objections and instead look at how we can help our clients address concerns. When you're in a sales call, it's so important to use your coaching skills to help your client arrive at an empowered decision about whether or not they want to work with you. And I want to show you what that looks like in action, especially when it comes to the biggest objection we often receive in discovery calls and sales conversations, and that is..you guessed it..money. One of the things that we do inside of Client Surge are pop up playbacks, where students record practice sales calls that they run with each other. And then we watch the sales calls live together, play by play, and I break down what worked, what didn't and why.  In this episode, you’ll hear something that occurred at the end of one of these playbacks when one of my client surge students asked if I would role play, “addressing the money concern”. If after listening to this, you feel inspired to deepen your enrollment skills. It's a sign that client surge is the perfect next step for you. Enrollment is now open for client surge and you can register at JoinClientSurge.com.  Now, give yourself the gift of 13 minutes of watching this training and then go and grab your spot in client surge. And with that, I hope you enjoy this role play of addressing the money concern. CONNECT WITH ME: CLIENT SURGE ENROLLMENT OPEN NOW: https://joinclientsurge.com/
May 5 2022
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104. 18 New Clients and Counting103. Don’t Sabotage the Sale
My guest today is Emma Goodwin who helps exhausted parents feed their families GAPS food without a big headache.  GAPS stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome. It’s an eating protocol that can bring a ton of benefits to children in particular who face a wide range of mental, physical and emotional challenges.   I’ll let Emma tell you more during the episode. But first I want to remind you to grab a spot for Clients From Scratch. It’s a free workshop I’ll host next week to kick off enrollment for Client Surge.   You can grab your free spot now at dallastravers.com/clients Okay, back to Emma…  There is no shortage of leads or interest in her world. But the parents who join her for a sales call don’t often turn into clients.   So throughout this episode Emma and I explore how she can create clear expectations, address concerns and give these parents the help they need before the sales call happens and, of course, at the end of the call when it’s time to actually sell.  If your discovery sessions don’t convert into clients regularly, keep listening because you’ll learn some simple adjustments you can make to sign more clients and know that you’re truly serving people.  Let’s get into it…  ——  CONNECT WITH REBECCA: INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/timelesscookery WEBSITE: https://timelesscookery.com ——  CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor ​​​​​​​FREE WORKSHOP: Clients From Scratch - https://dallastravers.com/clients
Apr 24 2022
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102. Bad Advice That Blocks You From More Clients101. An Honest Look at What it Really Means to Scale100. The Free Coaching Trap
Today’s episode is extra juicy because I think most of us have had those moments when we feel a potential client slipping away on you because you give too much coaching away for free.   Now, there is a time and place to actually give coaching away for free. Which is a super smart and effective strategy. WHEN you actually use it as a strategy.   But if you’re giving coaching away outside of sales calls, you’re not doing your job. And believe it or not, you’re not helping people.    What I’m describing easily happens when we center ourselves in a discovery session or sales call instead of centering the client.    So, if you find that your sales conversations don’t easily turn into paying clients, please join me for an upcoming free workshop for values driven coaches.    It’s called Clients From Scratch and you’ll learn why client centered selling is the only approach for values driven coaches AND how to apply it in your coaching business.    Grab your spot for the free workshop now at https://dallastravers.com/clients   Now, in today’s episode, my guest is Erica Lasan. She helps overwhelmed women and overworked moms rediscover radical joy and purpose beyond parenthood.    And Erica knows exactly what it feels like to give coaching away and hoping that all her great advice and support will magically turn people into clients.     It’s a recurring theme in her life so we put our heads together to uncover the subtle things she may be doing to sabotage her client attraction and land in the frustration zone instead.    Erica is just so much fun, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed this conversation.  CONNECT WITH ERICA: WEBSITE:  http://EricaLasan.com  FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/QuEricaByEricaLasan CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE WORKSHOP: Clients From Scratch — https://dallastravers.com/clients
Apr 11 2022
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99. Uncover Your Dream Client Power Statement
Pop Quiz… tell me who you help and how you help them.  Do the words flow freely from your lips?  If you’re like most coaches… probably not.   Today’s episode is a little different because we’re going to listen in on a bonus class we held not long ago inside The Hive.  I asked Hive Members to submit their Dream Client Power Statements so that together we could workshop their message and make it clear, compelling and clean.  So, today, you’re going to hear me coach four volunteers all of whom are doing incredible work in the world.   One thing we see happen all the time inside the Hive is this giant light bulb flashing on when a coach finally lands at the perfect words to describe their work and you’ll hear that happen a bit inside this episode.  You’ll also hear the sometimes clumsy process of trial and error as we strive to communicate the value of our work with clarity and purpose.  I hope you enjoy this bonus episode and I want to thank Christina, Stephanie, Tanya and Christina for volunteering for today’s show.  Let’s dig into some Dream client Power Statements, shall we?  CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA SMITH: https://christina-smith.com/ CONNECT WITH STEPHANIE DETHLEFS: https://instagram.com/hellowriters CONNECT WITH TANYA CHERMAK: https://thrivrx.com/ CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA ASAI: https://instagram.com/christinaasai.co CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE QUIZ: Coaching Superpower Quiz - https://dallastravers.com/quiz
Apr 3 2022
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98. Escape the Employee Mindset with Christen James97. Find the Right Words to Describe What You Do
Over the next two episodes, we’re going to talk about what - inside the Hive - we call your Dream Client Power Statement (or DCPS).  A DCPS is the way you concisely describe the people you serve and results you help them achieve.   Over and over again, I see the difference a strong DCPS can have on every coach, no matter how long you've been in business. Which is interesting because for some of us, the DCPS isn’t something we ever say verbatim. Yet, it’s this anchor that bolsters our confidence and our message.  So, my guest today is Laurie Shiers whose business has been evolving and it’s time to find the words to keep up with this evolution.  Laurie and I get really clear on the two offerings she’ll provide both of which offer the same outcome. From there…  we get kinda sorta pretty close to a rock solid DCPS for her.   But we don’t quite nail it.   Here’s what’s fun…  about 24 hours after our recording session, Laurie sent me the most amazing email with a perfected and totally inspiring DCPS inside.   Let me share it with you and then we’ll dig into the episode so you can follow along and clarify your own DCPS just like Laurie did.  Okay, so Laurie Shiers helps people do the things they’ve been dreaming about. If you’re afraid you might die with your gifts still hidden inside, I’ll help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world—and do it with joy, passion and purpose. Pretty great, right?   And with that, let’s dive into the episode CONNECT WITH LAURIE: WEBSITE: https://laurieshiers.com/ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/@brainchildcoaching CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE QUIZ: Coaching Superpower Quiz - https://dallastravers.com/quiz
Mar 27 2022
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96. An Easy, 4-Step List Building Plan
Mar 20 2022
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95. How to Expand Beyond 1:1 Coaching with Jereshia Hawk
I am such a big fan of today’s guest, so I’m really happy you tuned into this bonus episode featuring Jereshia Hawk. Jereshia is a business coach and sales expert who grew her business from $0-2 million in less than 4 years with organic marketing, a lean team, and high profit margins.  Her mission is to narrow the racial wealth gap. She's dedicated to seeing more coaches leave a positive impact and create a lasting legacy by leveraging the profit from their business to contribute to the growth of their personal net-worth.  Jereshia is really good at helping you position and sell your group coaching program because you have a proven signature system.  And today we’re going to talk about: 1. The milestones a coach should reach that tell it’s time to expand beyond 1:1.  2. Powerful questions you can ask yourself to figure out the best business model for you.  3. Common mistakes coaches make when they try to scale their business And be sure to stick around til the end because there’s this really funny moment where I tried to be all polite about the sketchy sales tactics we so often see online and Jereshia’s response is priceless.  I don’t want to wait another minute. So get ready to take notes and enjoy this inspiring conversation with Jereshia Hawk.  CONNECT WITH JERESHIA: INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jereshiahawk PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jereshia-said/id1438629390 CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE QUIZ: Coaching Super Power Quiz - https://dallastravers.com/quiz
Mar 17 2022
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94. How Many Lead Magnets Are Too Many Lead Magnets93. The Real Purpose of Your Lead Magnet
We gotta talk about list building — It’s something that a lot of coaches put on the back burner because they’re overwhelmed or unsure about the best strategies to implement.  And yet, list building is the crucial step you’ve gotta embrace if you ever want to expand beyond 1:1 coaching… And I don’t want you to wait until you’re ready to launch a course before you start to build your list.   List building takes some time, so set yourself up for success NOW by making it a priority in your business.  To help you feel more confident around this, I’m going to dedicate the next few episodes to list building and lead magnets.  Up first is Nic Frick who helps new moms find exactly the job they want so that they can add more joy and ease to their lives.  Nic came into our conversation feeling like lead magnets are gross and was unsure about how to deliver a lead magnet that’s truly valuable without being overwhelming.  So, first we worked to design the right lead magnet for her business model and her values (AND aligns with what her dream clients actually NEEDS first).  And here’s the cool thing… After we got really clear about the intention and design of her lead magnet, most of Nic’s icky feelings about lead magnets just evaporated.   If you find yourself staring at a blank screen and getting overwhelmed anytime you sit down to design your lead magnet, this episode is a must listen.  CONNECT WITH NIC: WEBSITE: www.nicfrick.com INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/heynicfrick LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/nicolefrick CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor FREE RESOURCE: Coach Quiz -  https://dallastravers.com/quiz
Mar 6 2022
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92. Launch Your Course with Gemma Bonham Carter91. You Are Built for Success
Today’s episode is a doozie because I’m willing to bet that at least once in your coaching journey, you’ve wondered if you really have what it takes to make your business really work.  We’ve all been there… including my guest, Dani Abernathy who throughout her life has experienced this theme of feeling like an outsider.  Dani looked at successful coaches out there and really worried that there was something broken inside her, which prevented her from having success, finding clients, and making money. So she and I had an honest heart to heart about what success really means to her and how she can rely on two tools to ground herself when she begins to spiral in self-doubt and feelings of other-ness.  The first is simply a physical pattern interrupt, not to distract her from what are very real feelings, but rather to give her a fresh perspective and hopefully reveal more options for how to move forward.   The second is what I’ll call Dani’s Success Plan Litmus Test to help her let go of any judgments or assumptions about why a plan won’t work for her and instead, use her natural skills and resources to make a success plan all her own.  I know I’ve said it before, but this episode is absolutely one of my favorites, so I hope it helps you in your own moments of self doubt because here’s what I know for sure…  Dani is built for success. So am I and so are you…  CONNECT WITH DANI: https://www.daniabernathy.com/ https://www.instagram.com/daniabernathyauthor/ CONNECT WITH ME: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor/ Free Quiz: https://dallastravers.com/quiz SHOWNOTES: Enneagram Quiz: www.truity.com
Feb 27 2022
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90. Simplify Everything in Your Business
My guest today is Ana Sanson who helps work-from-home moms reconnect with themselves so they can feel peace in their family, confidence in themselves, and productive at work.   Ana has fallen into the same hole a lot of us values-driven coaches fall into from time to time…   Proving worth instead of providing value.   What does that look like? Proving worth is self-centered and fear motivated. We get nervous that our clients aren’t making enough progress, so we pile on more tools, more time, more stuff to “help them”. When in fact all that stuff just creates overwhelm and confusion.   Providing value on the other hand is client-focused. We bring our best selves to every client, but we also understand that our #1 job is to hold space and honor each client’s unique journey.   So, Ana and I recalibrated a bit today. We brought her back to the client-centered approach of providing value.   And we did it with one simple question…   “What do you believe in?”   If you ever worry that you're not doing enough for your clients, this conversation will help you simplify your message and your offerings so that you can provide value instead of simply proving worth.   Let’s dig into it…   SHOWNOTES: Free Resource — Schedule Domination: https://scheduledomination.com/ Kary Perry — https://www.instagram.com/socialwithkary/   Connect with Ana: http://anasanson.com http://instagram.com/mindbodyana http://facebook.com/anasansoncoaching     Connect with Me: Instagram: @dallastraversbizmentor Free Resource — Schedule Domination: https://scheduledomination.com/
Feb 20 2022
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89. Uncover Your Unique Approach with Megan Yelaney