Episode #32 - Owning Your Purpose and Being Brave Through Vulnerability

Making a (Multi) Million Dollar MedSpa

Feb 14 2024 • 31 mins

WE’RE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Season 5 of the Making A (Multi) Million Dollar Medspa Podcast launches with a solo chat with your host, Kathy Taranto. In this vulnerable episode, Kathy shares her story and how it has influenced her purpose and the path to where she is today. Through taking inventory of your own goals and purpose, Kathy believes you can more effectively look into 2024 with focus and give the people in your life a more joyful, peaceful version of yourself.

Kathy talks about her aesthetics training company, MINT Aesthetics. From its inception to today, she will share where her path converged with husband, Matt Taranto giving birth to the companies you know today: AesthetiCare Medspa and MINT Aesthetics. It’s the perfect kick off for a new season. Welcome back, listeners! We’ve missed you!

In today's discussion:

  • Setting your purpose
  • Building an ideal culture
  • "Aha" moments
  • Reframing the negative and shifting your perspective
  • Goals for 2024
  • History of MINT
  • Your MINT team
  • Group Training with MINT

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