Episode #29 - Get to Know Dr. Vic Ross

Making a (Multi) Million Dollar MedSpa

Oct 25 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Welcome back to A Dr. Jay Burns Series on the Making A Multi Million Dollar Medspa Podcast!

On this episode, Dr. Burns hosts an expert in dermatology and aesthetics, Dr. Vic Ross. Raised by a physician and engineer, Dr. Ross shares the journey that led to his career choice. The two delve into influential characters, the integration of laser technology in dermatology, and the use of combination treatments. The discussion also touches on differences in private practice versus larger corporations such as day-to-day activities and responsibilities. From pet peeves to family makeup, this conversation shared a great insight into Dr. Ross's life and, ultimately, his success.


Discussion topics in this episode:

  • Parent’s careers and impact
  • Influence of physics
  • Working in a large vs private practice
  • Efficacy of combination treatments
  • Icing and clobetasol to prevent PIH
  • The importance of measuring impedance
  • Beginning a medical career in the navy
  • Advancing technology
  • Handling difficult patients
  • Efficiency in the clinic
  • Hobbies, family, and beautiful San Diego

Resources from this episode:

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