15 – Empowering Tech Startups to Enhance User Experience and Drive Conversions with LunarLab’s Elizabeth Anderson and Kelli Lucas

B2B Tech Founders Lounge

Mar 21 2024 • 24 mins

Your host, Liudmila Kiseleva, talks with the CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Design Officer of LunarLab, Elizabeth Anderson, and Kelli Lucas. Elizabeth's path to UX was serendipitous. With a background in graphic design, she found herself in a role that required her to take on UX and UI responsibilities after her company laid off their specialized team. This twist of fate led her to discover her passion for creating intuitive user experiences, a field she didn't even realize existed until she stumbled upon it through a Google search.

Kelli's tech career began in project management, a role she adored for its ability to turn ideas into tangible products. An unexpected company decision thrust her into the world of product management, a challenge she embraced wholeheartedly. This experience deepened her connection with the projects and the products, eventually leading her to product strategy and her fruitful collaboration with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Kelli's shared experiences and complementary skills in product roles and UX design laid the foundation for their partnership. They recognized the potential to combine their expertise to create superior products that meet market demands and prioritize inclusivity and ethical considerations.

LunarLab caters to a diverse clientele, from startups with a dream to established enterprises. They specialize in a range of software products, including mobile apps, web apps, SaaS products, AI, and IoT devices. Their services encompass UX design, product strategy, user research, and project management. They also offer workshops to help companies crystallize their visions, a service that has proven invaluable for those at the starting line of product development.

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