Running a Multifamily Real Estate Brokerage with Beau Beery

Mario Dattilo Show

Nov 11 2023 • 52 mins

I'm thrilled to share with you some insights from my recent podcast episode where I had the pleasure of hosting Beau Beery, a multifamily advisor and a real estate expert. We delved into the world of apartments, brokerage business, and the importance of finding your niche in the real estate industry.

  1. The Power of Specialization: Beau's journey from a marketing student to a successful multifamily advisor is a testament to the power of specialization. He emphasized that focusing on a specific asset class, like multifamily properties, can make you an expert in your market, attracting clients who value your specialized knowledge and experience.
  2. The Solo Practitioner Advantage: Beau shared his perspective on starting as a solo practitioner in the real estate brokerage business. He believes that joining a successful team can provide valuable experience and knowledge. However, he also highlighted the importance of outsourcing tasks to save time and avoid the need for full-time employees.
  3. Buying a Brokerage Business: Beau shared his experience of buying a brokerage during a market downturn and how it worked out well for him. He stressed the importance of reputation when evaluating a brokerage.
  4. Understanding Your Niche: Beau specializes in multifamily properties ranging from 10 to 150 units. He believes that understanding your avatar (ideal customer) and focusing on a specific market segment can lead to success.
  5. Building Relationships: Beau shared his approach to building relationships with potential clients. He believes in conducting extensive research about potential clients to establish a deeper connection and build long-term business relationships.
  6. Current Market Trends: Beau discussed the current state of the real estate market and the factors affecting property values. He believes that while property values may decrease, it won't be as drastic as the 2008 recession.

I hope these insights spark your curiosity and entice you to listen to the full podcast episode. Beau's journey and insights are truly inspiring and enlightening for anyone interested in the multifamily real estate industry.