Diversifying Your Way to Success with Chris Rood

Mario Dattilo Show

Feb 20 2023 • 42 mins

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In this episode, Chris Rood shares his journey of going from zero to six figures a year in senior high, emphasizing the principle of diversifying your way to success and the importance of being smart and resourceful in business. He talks about the process of doubling his income and opening new shops, and the importance of reinvesting profits back into the business, as well as tips on how to get back on top with real estate, learning the wholesaling business model and attending Grant Cardone's first 10X conference. He also shares his thoughts on Warren Buffet's real estate predictions, the power of positive thinking and how it attracts what you want, discovering mobile home parks and the value of the "Ready. Fire. Aim." approach, and the importance of having an unfair advantage. Chris also shares his insights on learning from failure, and advice for young entrepreneurs. He also talks about family values and raising tough kids. The conversation provides valuable insights for anyone looking to navigate the business world.

Chris Rood is a 7 figure wholesaler and flipper with a 40 million portfolio consisting of Mobile Home parks, Apartments, Commercial Property, AirBNBs, and Single Family Homes. He has recently started developing land and getting a contractors license.


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Talking Points:

00:01 Introducing Chris Rood

00:56 Chris Was “A Ball Lightening” As A Kid

03:22 Going From Zero to Six Figures A Year in Senior High

04:04 The Principle of Diversifying Your Way to Success

05:37 “Business Is War” — Be Smart & Resourceful

06:46 Doubling Income & Opening New Shops

09:36 Reinvesting Profits Back Into The Business

11:33 Real Estate Can Get You Back On Top

13:19 Learning The Wholesaling Business Model

16:50 Going to Grant Cardone’s First 10X Conference

18:27 Warren Buffet’s Real Estate Prediction

19:21 Whatever You Think About You Attract

19:35 Discovering Mobile Home Parks

22:30 Ready. Fire. Aim.

23:17 The Work Ethic Value

24:07 Starting to Invest In Development

25:17 When You Move The Universe Opens Up

27:19 Read, Study, & Skill Up

27:40 Everybody Ends Up Being A Land Developer

28:44 You’ve Got To Have An Unfair Advantage

29:30 Be First In A Market To Get An Advantage

30:02 Learning From Failure & Coming Back Stronger

31:16 You Never Lose, You Only Learn

31:01 Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

32:37 How Many Problems Can You Solve?

33:30 Good Family Values & The Temporary Nature of Life

35:27 Raising Tough Kids Who Can Handle Life

38:37 Struggle Creates Strengths

39:47 How To Get Ahold Chris

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