Say It Skillfully® Our Voices – Nozipho Knows Real Conversation

Say It Skillfully®

Nov 7 2023 • 1 hr

Say It Skillfully® is a show that helps you to benefit from Molly Tschang’s expert guidance on the best possible ways to speak your mind at work in a positive and productive manner. Episode 202 is the 40th monthly feature of “Our Voices,” intended to accelerate social change that levels the playing field—helping everyone live to their full potential. The aim is for you to see a bit of yourself in these journeys, and embrace—we’re more similar than not. In this episode, Molly is joined by Nozipho Tshabalala, a conversation strategist and global moderator. Nozi reflects on growing up in South Africa under Nelson Mandela, and how she inherited her parents’ strident work ethic. Their dedication to her education helped Nozi always set the highest bar for herself, fueled by “failing was not an option for me.” You’ll be surprised by how she picked her major! Her inner confidence stems from what her parents instilled: “I am smart, but I am capable, and I’m teachable.” Hear Nozi’s unlikely foray into one of the world’s biggest conglomerates, Tata Group (from none other than its chairman)! This led to unexpectedly shooting a documentary for CNBC Africa. She was on screen for only 15 seconds, but those 15 seconds changed her life. Only two weeks after the documentary aired, she was offered a news anchor position with CNBC Africa, covering development and finance (compelling her to delve into topics she knew zero about). Nozi knew the first time she moderated live that it was her calling. “Conversations are the birthplace of action, and in the absence of conversation, we absolutely get nothing done.” Today, family reigns supreme for Nozi. She has an intellectual match in her husband and a gift of a son. With her hard-earned stability, she paid for her mother to return to and graduate college as a newly certified teacher. Balancing motherhood on top of her constant travel for business is one of Nozi’s self-described top accomplishments. Don’t miss this inspiring episode. Nozi empowers us all to aim high and land high. Learn more at: and follow @therealnozi Molly’s thought for the week – a lyric that inspires Nozi, from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey: “We were moving mountains long before we knew could.” P.S. Nozi leads to her full potential by communication to influence and inspire! To help you do the same, Molly created a 1st LinkedIn Learning course, “Leadership Communication in the Flow of Work.” Here’s the link for free 24-hour access