How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin (WITHOUT Exchanges) - Akin Fernandez

Business Bitcoinization

May 23 2022 • 42 mins

Akin Fernandez is the founder of Azteco. He has been working in Bitcoin since 2010 and what is commonly called "crypto" since the 1990s. He is a renowned author and thought leader on the subject of Bitcoin, with many prescient observations and predictions under his belt. CONNECT WITH AKIN: (@Beautyon_ on Twitter) (Akin's Website) CONNECT WITH JOSH (@joshuafriedeman on Twitter) (@joshuafriedeman on LinkedIn) Josh's Email SHOW SPONSORS (Swan: Start buying Bitcoin or download your free copy of "Inventing Bitcoin") (Oshi: Reward your customers for paying in Bitcoin ) COMMUNITY On the West Coast? Keep up-to-date with local Bitcoin Meetups on Twitter (@OCBTCN ) (Find a local Bitcoin Meetup near you with Oshi!) ((Contact Josh Brown about adding your local meetup to the list))