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The Business Bitcoinization Show will introduce you to executives and entrepreneurs who are using Bitcoin - the hardest money on planet earth - to improve their lives and their businesses. What's with the name? It's a play on the term, "Hyperbitcoinization," which is a word used to describe the eventual, rapid adoption of Bitcoin as other currencies continue to weaken in relation to it. Hear how other business owners are using Bitcoin and begin using it yourself so that, when we get to the other side of hyperbitcoinization, you and your business will be prepared to take advantage of the massive productivity and wealth that will follow. Learn more at or

Fixing Government with Free Private Cities - Joel Bomgar
Jul 4 2022
Fixing Government with Free Private Cities - Joel Bomgar
Joel Bomgar is a successful technology entrepreneur and statesman, founding Bomgar Corporation (now BeyondTrust) in 2003 and leading the company to a successful exit in 2014. In 2015 he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives, where he has served for seven years. Joel Bomgar was also one of the first investors in Próspera, has been a long-time board member of Próspera, and accepted a position as President of Próspera, reporting to Erick Brimen, the Founder, CEO, and Chairman. Próspera is the Promoter and Organizer of the next generation of Special Economic Zones in Honduras. The first development project or "Prosperity Hub" is taking place on the island of Roatán, incorporated within the Próspera Platform, a legal, governance, and regulatory framework designed to catalyze economic development, employment, and prosperity for all. The Próspera Platform delivers good governance as a service to drive human prosperity. CONNECT WITH JOEL (@JoelBomgar on Twitter) (Joel's Facebook page) (Joel's Website) CONNECT WITH JOSH (@joshuafriedeman on Twitter) (@joshuafriedeman on LinkedIn) (@joshuafriedeman on VIDA) Josh's Email SHOW SPONSORS (Swan: Start buying Bitcoin or download your free copy of "Inventing Bitcoin") (Oshi: Reward your customers for paying in Bitcoin ) COMMUNITY Connect with the (AZ Bitcoin Network) (Find a local Bitcoin Meetup near you with Oshi!) ((Contact Josh Brown about adding your local meetup to the list))