A Projector's Path to More Rest and More Profit with Heather Benningsdorf

Design and Align Your Business Podcast

Mar 26 2024 • 30 mins

Today I am catching up with Heather Benningsdorf, a licensed acupuncturist and Reiki master from Enlightened Wellness. We are going to dive deep into the transformative journey of leveraging human design for projectors in the business world. Heather shares her inspiring transition from traditional medicine to the world of holistic health specializing in acupuncture and Reiki. Learn more about how when Heather uncovered her Human Design and how that played a the pivotal role in the understanding of her projector nature to help her achieve work-life balance, business growth, and personal well-being. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for entrepreneurs eager to uncover their unique gifts, attract the right clients, and confidently drive their businesses toward success. Learn how embracing your human design can spark energy, creativity, and alignment in your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting, Heather's story of transformation, growth, and the power of rest will inspire you to design and align your business with your authentic self. More about Heather: Heather grew up knowing that she wanted to be able to help people and found that passion in Acupuncture and Reiki. She earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture in 2018 and has given over 6,000 acupuncture treatments in her 5+ years of experience. She recently became a Reiki Master as well after practicing over 8 years. As a Projector, she is learning how to use her voice to help those around her while appreciating her need for rest. She has continued her healing journey and is so excited for her future! Key Takeaways: The Importance of Rest for Projectors Mindset and Subconscious Work Networking and Community Engagement Tuning into your human design and uncovering your strengths Growth and Income Increase Trust in the Universe and Intuition View the full show notes for this episode here: https://www.designandalignyourbusiness.com/post/episode20 Resources: Connect with Heather: Website: https://www.enlightenedacu.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenedAcu Instagram: @enlightened.wellness Design Your Aligned Business Guide PDF Guide: https://iamannanichols.ck.page/aligned_biz_guide Get Your Human Design Chart: https://www.designandalignyourbusiness.com/human-design-chart Join my Human Design Happy Hour: https://iamannanichols.ck.page/humandesignhappyhour Connect with Anna Nichols: Instagram: @iamannanichols (https://www.instagram.com/iamannanichols/)