Joe Jordan - Don't Suck at Training

The D2D Podcast

Mar 15 2022 • 23 mins

Isn’t it frightening that 74% of employees globally feel that they have been unable to hit their maximum potential due to lack of training?

The quality of employee training is even more critical in door-to-door sales, where the closing percentages of reps directly correlate with how well reps are trained.

Given the necessity of first-class training, we brought on Joe Jordan, co-founder of, to educate us on how to train A-level reps in the 21st-century door-to-door landscape.

Joe has a unique background, deliciously mixing an engineering education with a Cutco knife selling career.

In this podcast, he teaches us valuable insights on how to leverage technology to:

·         Help leaders harvest more data from reps for more effective mentorship

·         Enhance accountability from reps when knocking, ultimately raising performance

·         Help managers give practical and actionable feedback to reps on improvement

·         Archive prime moments of peak sales as reference models for future sales pitches

·         Better adapt rep training to the personality of the rep’s style and help reps identify closely related role models

·         Help managers eliminate the need for physically shadowing reps while yet increasing sales outcomes

Learn and enjoy!