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Jeremy Miner - Problem Finding - Problem Solving
Mar 29 2022
Jeremy Miner - Problem Finding - Problem Solving
“Why am I not selling?” This is one question that is probably asked a million times daily globally, from sales reps to sales managers to bigger enterprises.But do you know that are 3 billion content creators are distracting your customers every day? Do you know your prospects are being bombarded 24 hours, seven days of the week with ads?How then do you sell in a super-competitive environment where your prospect is already overloaded with ads?Definitely not by optimistically throwing your product at them and HOPING they buy.In this podcast, we brought on Jeremy Miner to teach us his revolutionary NEPQ (Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning) method through which his clients have consistently banked 8-figure revenues. This is a systematic, data-enhanced, and tested system to help high-value prospects find their problems and get them to pay you premium dollars to solve these problems for them.Jeremy Miner boasts 22 solid years of sales experience, starting door-to-door sales back in 2000. For context, Jeremy is officially ranked the 45th highest earning producer in direct sales, standing heads and shoulders above over 100 million salespeople.Today, he is the renowned CEO of 7th Level; a company INC Magazine ranked #1,232 of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Amongst other things in this podcast, you will learn how to ask game-changing questions in your sales pitching like:Connecting question Situational question Problem-awareness question Consequence question…Listen and get rich!