B.O.M. - Episode 0016 - Back in Black

Bums of Manarchy

Mar 27 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

In Episode 16, the Bums start out with a Scumbag of the Week diatribe courtesy of Deshaun Watson, before pivoting to celebrate the life of the late/great Elgin Baylor, an overview of NBA free agency and the Chicago Bulls’ new star Nikola Vučević, the ‘big bag of trouble’ that former Chicago Cubs prospect Jesus Camargo-Corrales is in, before wrapping Part 1 with a State- of-the-Bracket overview from early rounds of March Madness, the soft and disappointing exit  from nine teams from the Big 10 conference and other busts, and finally an update Bears QB search that will undoubtedly trickle into the NFL Draft.

On the back side, the Bums explore a new six part, six hour docu-series entitled, “John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise”, including a shout out to our neighbor and friend Alison True (executive consultant) who worked on the series, continuing forward with a hard discussion around recent domestic terrorism in Georgia and Colorado stemming from the lack of common sense gun reform, before closing with a beer review from Sketchbook Brewing that covers a German wheat ale, a Citra Pale Ale, and a Hazy Double IPA which came to the Bums from honorary Bum and listener, Jolanta (a kind thank you).

Recorded March 25, 2021 at B.O.M. global HQ in Chicago, IL USA.