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Our Editor's Take

Veteran TV personality Steve Harvey brings old-fashioned morning radio fun to the podcast medium. The Steve Harvey Morning Show podcast starts with Steve's traditional inspirational pep talk. His advice often has a spiritual foundation and often incorporates his experiences as a Christian. It's nothing heavy-handed, just a successful guy who wasn't always on the right path imparting some knowledge and anecdotes. Next, he brings in his many cohosts to discuss the news of the day. Politics, show business, sports—it's all fair game. And Steve's good-natured comedic perspective permeates throughout.

Steve's cohost crew consists of comedians and radio pros who have no problem holding their own. Shirley Strawberry first did radio with Steve in the early 2000s in Los Angeles. Her advice segment the Strawberry Letter is one of the more popular parts of the broadcast. It's also available as its own podcast.

Actor and comedian J. Anthony Brown brings his familiar comedy stylings and a host of funny on-air characters to the show. Carla Ferrell is a steadfast voice of reason. She reads news, and steers the show as program director. Comedian Kier “Junior” Spates is always a hit with witty, caffeinated commentary. And actor/comedian/all-around entertainer Thomas Miles cracks up listeners as “Nephew Tommy.” His fan-fave segment Tommy's Prank Calls earned its own standalone podcast tool. Audiences will grow to love each cohost as they come back for new episodes.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show airs live from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. each weekday morning. A roughly 90-minute podcast version posts shortly thereafter.

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