Market or Pitch Season 2, Vol 20: The Reputation Fight

Market or Pitch

Mar 9 2022 • 36 mins

In Volume 20 (aka Ep. 8) of Market or Pitch, co-hosts Yesenia Reinoso and Corey Davis continue on their Season 2 path with a heavy dose of reputation. The duo analyzes two major newmaking topics that highlight those dilemmas respectively. First, in the appetizer portion, the MLB Lockout currently has baseball in its worst PR crisis since the 1994 Strike with no end in sight (as of now). Second, in the main entree segment, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine centers on the response of corporate brands, media outlet sentiment, and an increasing alarm on censorship. Like, share, comment, and subscribe to our podcast across major mediums and YouTube. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram at @marketorpitch!

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