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Want to market or pitch your way to the top? What about understanding the trends that impact our industry? Enter the world of “Market or Pitch!” The all marketing & PR news/data podcast from a vantage Black and Brown perspective featuring Yesenia Reinoso and Corey Davis. Like, share, comment, or subscribe to “Market or Pitch” on major podcast mediums and YouTube. All 24 S1 & S2 volumes are available across all top platforms. The intermission series "Market or Pitch: Freestyle" has been renewed for Year 2! Premiere in late June 2022. Email us at marketorpitch@gmail.com.

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Market or Pitch Season 2 Trailer
Sep 27 2021
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Market or Pitch Season 2, Vol 24: Type S2 to FreestyleMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 23: The New FrontierMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 22: The SlapMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 21: To Experiment or Explain YourselfMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 20: The Reputation FightMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 19: Sports Mania! Opening Kickoff!Market or Pitch Season 2, Vol 18: Predict The 2022 Crystal BallMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 17: Beware of BurnoutMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 16: The Influencer or False MessengerMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 15: First Anniversary Vibes Presents The Battle of ValuesMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 14: Let's Be FrankMarket or Pitch Season 2, Vol 13: Sazón in Full Force! We're Back Baby.Market or Pitch Season 2 TrailerMarket or Pitch Vol 12: Code Word WHM. Promo Code S2.Market or Pitch Vol 11: The Vaccines Have Arrived! Are We Ready for the "New Normal?"Market or Pitch Vol 10: March to Golden Prominence or BacklashMarket or Pitch Vol 9: In Honor of Black History MonthMarket or Pitch Vol 8: Drop or RoastMarket or Pitch Vol 7: Break Return & The Super Bowl ExtravaganzaMarket or Pitch Vol 6: Adieu 2020...Really