Unveiling the streaming revolution: a conversation with Thomas Clavelloux (Molotov)

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Jun 21 2023 • 26 mins

In this episode, we sit down with Thomas Clavelloux, Chief Data Officer at Molotov TV, a groundbreaking French TV streaming platform.

Thomas shares captivating insights into how Molotov TV is redefining the way we consume television in the digital age. From seamless cross-device viewing to innovative features, Molotov TV brings the charm of traditional TV-watching to the modern world. Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Molotov TV and its unique approach to the TV landscape.

Takeaways and the episode summary are available here: Unveiling the streaming revolution: a conversation with Thomas Clavelloux (Molotov)

Episode Topics at a Glance

Molotov's unique product model!

  • Impact of content quality on revenue models.
  • Utilizing add-ons like DVR hours and previews.
  • How data helps enhance the product experience.
  • Apple Vision Pro's potential impact on streaming.
  • Content differentiation for subscriptions and ad support.


[00:00:43]: Overview of Molotov TV
[00:01:27]: Thomas' Experience in the TV Landscape
[00:04:21]: The Role of a Chief Data Officer
[00:06:07]: Creating a Data Culture in the Company
[00:08:28]: Platform Approach vs. Doing Everything for Teams
[00:10:11]: Challenges of Handling Multiple Platforms
[00:12:26]: Key Metrics for Subscription Management
[00:14:04]: Differences Between Molotov and Fubo around subscriptions
[00:16:45]: Content Quality and Subscription vs. Ad-Supported
[00:18:43]: Add-Ons to Enhance Subscription Value
[00:21:40]: Potential Impact of Apple Vision Pro
[00:24:55]: How to Connect with Thomas Clavelloux
[00:25:33]: Conclusion

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