Founder & CEO of Turtle Lake Brewing Company, Lamont Wynn

Beer Stories: Craft Beer Industry Insights

Jan 8 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

In Episode 4 of Beer Stories, Alex & Mischa talk with the Founder of Turtle Lake Brewing Company (Hanoi, Vietnam), Lamont Wynn, about Opening a Craft Brewery in Vietnam. Over the course of the conversation they touch on stories about what Lamont was doing when he decided to start Turtle Lake, the logistics of starting any company up in Vietnam as foreigners, the particulars of starting a brewery from scratch, the first beers they brewed, the similiarities and differences that Alex and Lamont faced - starting breweries up a few years apart in the same part of the world, the importance of good food and fun events at Taprooms for the guest experience, actual turtles, music, running and attending craft beer festivals, a brand new segment for the pod - Story Time With Lamont (!!), Haunted Houses, distribution vs. Taprooms, winning international beer awards, and the secrets to all of our success! We also have a brisk edition of The Hangover Check and a lively round of Fact or Fiction. Cheers!

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