Beer Stories: Craft Beer Industry Insights

Mischa Smith and Alex Violette

Join Mischa Smith and Alex Violette as they share their passion and knowledge of the craft beer industry. Each week, they will be joined by a different guest to discuss the world of beer and share their stories. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or just getting started, there's something for everyone on Beer Stories. Tune in and join the conversation. Welcome to Beer Stories! Learn more about Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Follow us on Facebook.

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Our Editor's Take

Beer Stories is a podcast celebrating the colorful community of craft beer drinkers. It features the two hosts interviewing other brewers and brewery owners in Asia. Over the last several years, craft beer has become very popular in the United States and other parts of the world. This popularity is especially true in Asian countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan. As per the show title, this podcast shares their stories.

The two cohosts of the podcast are Mischa Smith and Alex Violette. Smith is the domestic brand manager for Pasteur Street Brewing Company in Vietnam. He was previously an English teacher who was a regular at the restaurant. One night, he volunteered to help behind the bar and later joined the staff full-time.

Violette is the former CEO of Pasteur Street Brewing Company. He held the position from January 2019 to February 2023. Violette has been working as a professional in the brewing industry since 2008. He is now the founder of the collective Beer As Art. Its goal is to have people rethink how they see beer to see brewing as an art form. He is also the interview guest on the first episode of the Beer Storiespodcast.

Each episode sees the hosts talking to a different person who works in the craft beer industry. They will often answer questions about what they think are the best beers. They also talk about the latest news in brewing, and how they came to be part of the industry. In Violette's case, the drinking age in the United States played a significant role. He realized before he turned 21 that he could legally buy the ingredients for beer and make it at home himself. These stories often help to humanize the interview subjects and make them relatable.

Each podcast episode of Beer Stories averages around 30 minutes in length. The entire first season is currently available for listeners to enjoy. It is unknown if a second season of this beer podcast will happen due to Violette leaving the company in 2023.

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