Founder & CEO of Mixtape Drinks, Chad Mitchell

Beer Stories: Craft Beer Industry Insights

Jan 2 2023 • 59 mins

In Episode 3 of Beer Stories, Alex & Mischa talk to the Founder & CEO of MixTape Drinks, Chad Mitchell, about Beer Styles! Do they even matter anymore?! They discuss the importance of learning the fundamentals of brewing before you can start playing around with style guidelines, inventing new styles of beer, the ubiquity of IPAs in the current craft beer market, style guidelines, the importance of beer styles for marketing purposes, category confusion at beer competitions, Pickle beers, the importance of pushing boundaries & challenging yourself, the beer naming process at MixTape, Sour Beers, Hazy IPAs, and whether Brewers prefer drinking their own beers or other people's. We also have new installments of our weekly segments, The Hangover Check and Fact or Fiction. Cheers!

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