How To Build Self-Awareness

The Look & Sound of Leadership

Jul 1 2021 • 26 mins

Self-awareness, like any muscle, can be built through discipline.In this episode, a leader learns two exercises to help build awareness of her thoughts and feelings.

The two exercises discussed in this episode are detailed in a PDF that we’d love to send you. Send us an email and we’ll send back the PDF. The PDF also contains the Feeling Words Grid.

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

E.Q. Applied by Justin Bariso – a helpful, friendly book chock-full of exercises.

Sort the episode library using the filter Feedback. Good feedback will build your self-awareness, for sure!

Five episodes to listen to:

#103 Self-Awareness & Self-Management

#109 Building Emotional Intelligence

#25 How Behaviors Change

#142 The Mindful Executive

#190 Thinking Errors

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