Conscious Business for a Flourishing World, 1

The Convergence

Dec 13 2019 • 2 hrs 22 mins

This VoiceAmerica Special preludes the forthcoming new magazine imprint CONSCIOUS BUSINESS. In this broadcast, and a second in January, the Guest Editors of CONSCIOUS BUSINESS, Steve Farrell of Humanity's Team (HT) and Peter Matthies of The Conscious Business Institute interview major thought and business leaders regarding Conscious Business. Framed by THE CONSCIOUS BUSINESS DECLARATION and, following from content of THE CONSCIOUS BUSINESS WORLD SUMMIT of March 2019 hosted by HT, The Conscious Business Synergy Circle of The Evolutionary Leaders, and UNITY EARTH (a partner of this VoiceAmerica Series), major contexts, directions, and visions re: Conscious Business are discussed with thought and business leaders Dr. David Sloan Wilson (Prosocial World), Paul Polman (former CEO of Unilever) and Rinaldo Brutoco (associated with JUST Capital, among other ventures). Matthies and Farrell are joined by Evolutionary Leaders International Director Deborah Moldow for discussion and comment.