The Convergence

Dr. Kurt Johnson, with Ben Bowler, Doug King and our Correspondents

In a world inevitably going global and multicultural, what becomes of religions and spirituality? What becomes of activism towards real global change? In THE CONVERGENCE, global Interspiritual pioneer and scientist Dr. Kurt Johnson joins interfaith leaders Ben Bowler of Australia and Doug King of America in engaging women and men who are inspiring leaders and change agents around our world. Spiritual and cultural leaders, sacred and secular activists, scientists, artists, writers, economists, politicians and even shamans join in this discussion of a world trying to wake up and grow up. What is at stake and what are the technologies and cosmologies creating a world that can work for everyone? If you are concerned for our world's future and sincere about your commitments to bold and world-serving ideas, you'll want to tune in to The Convergence on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.
The Consciousness Shift Needed for Real Global Change
This is the third Special in a series on Global Transformation. It was recorded during the recent international Climate Conference (COP26). The first Special in this Series, “Toward a World that Works for All” featured Jean Houston, Ken Wilber, Riane Eisler, David Korten, David Sloan Wilson, and others. The second featured Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Ervin Laszlo and others on the implications of an Earth Constitution. In this Special we center on the Consciousness Shift needed to achieve real global change, in the fourth the challenges of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Thought Leaders Circle. This Special on Consciousness Shift begins with Richard A. Bowell and his associates at the Global Center for Human Change and Conscious World Citizens.org who have been pioneers in this discussion in the United Nations community. They offer an important free download of their book on the needed Consciousness Shift. As noted in the broadcast, the link for that download is: https://mailchi.mp/968df5dc0b12/essentialshift_forvoiceamerica We continue with further comments from the UN Community with Dr. Joni Carley, and with discussion from the Institute of Noetic Sciences (including their Chairman Claudia Welss) and the Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (in a discussion with their Directors). We conclude with a discussion from mainstream science featuring renowned evolutionary biologist Dr. David Sloan Wilson, and colleagues from Prosocial.world and ContemplativeLife.org.
Dec 17 2021
2 hrs 8 mins
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