The Convergence

Dec 16 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

In this seventh special in the Series Humanity’s Moment of Choice guests center on the challenge of what might bring our planet to a global civilization that actually works for all. Dr. Julie Krull discusses unity and a unitive narrative with Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. Robert Atkinson, and Teresa Collins-- leading authorities on unity, wholeness, and the evolution of consciousness and members of the unitive narrative synergy circle of the Evolutionary Leaders (an initiative of the Source of Synergy Foundation). They explore Humanity’s Moment of Choice in these transformative times, as it relates to our understanding of ourselves through story and narrative. From cosmology to direct experience, and from new science to universal wisdom, they discuss the unitive nature of reality and how our living Universe is inviting us to co-create as co-evolutionary partners. This invitation covers everything—from the stories we tell to how we organize ourselves as a species on this precious planet. They explore the WHOLE STORY as we leave behind the epoch of separation and step into the dawning unitive age on our beautiful, conscious planet as fellow Gaians. Dr. Kurt Johnson and the Rev. Deborah Moldow host for VoiceAmerica and the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. Join us for this inspiring and informative program!