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Jack Hibbs fearlessly tackles modern issues and false doctrines through his bold preaching and insightful podcast. Founder of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and host of Real Life, he challenges, encourages, and equips you to deepen your relationship with Christ and impact the world. Dive deeper at https://jackhibbs.com and get text updates by visiting: https://text.whisp.io/jack-hibbs-podcast

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The Pagan Cycle of Abortion
Feb 29 2024
The Pagan Cycle of Abortion
What do abortion, comprehensive sexual education, transgenderism, and Planned Parenthood all have to do with each other? Find out on this week's episode as Pastor Jack sits down with Seth Gruber to talk all things pro-life and standing up to leftist ideologies that are plaguing our society. (00:00) Pro-Life Pastor and Seth Gruber(12:32) Exposing Planned Parenthood and Sexual Education(22:11) Unveiling the 1916 Project HAPPENING NOW with Seth Gruber and Jack Hibbs: https://jackhibbs.com/part-43-with-seth-gruber/ MORE ABOUT SETH GRUBER: First gaining exposure during his college years, Seth founded and directed the Students for Life Club at Westmont College, a Christian liberal arts institution. While there, he conducted educational displays on campus to challenge the institution for their refusal to take a formal position on abortion. During the summer, Seth interned with a pro-life organization in Southern California, where he helped coordinate and conduct educational displays at over 10 universities and engaged with thousands of students on the topic of abortion. Upon graduation, Seth joined Life Training Institute as a pro-life speaker. He is now a nationally renowned speaker for life, the founder and president of The White Rose Resistance, and the host of the popular podcast “UnAborted.” https://thewhiterose.life/   DAZE OF DECEPTION BOOK PRE-ORDER: https://jackhibbs.com/daze-of-deception/ CONNECT WITH PASTOR JACK Text Updates:  https://text.whisp.io/jack-hibbs-podcastWebsite: https://jackhibbs.com/Instagram: http://bit.ly/2FCyXpOFacebook: https://bit.ly/2WZBWV0YouTube: https://bit.ly/437xMHnTwitter/X: https://twitter.com/RealJackHibbs Did you know we have a Real Life Network? Sign up for free for more exclusive content: https://bit.ly/3CIP3M9