Episode 64: Our Summer Bucket List & Staying Productive Through A Summer Slump

Girl, Get Your Face Off A Bus Bench: Real Estate Marketing Only Better

Jun 20 2022 • 23 mins

Here in Minnesota our summers are pretty short, and we cherish them deeply, so we are doing a little happy dance over here now that summer has finally arrived. We know summers bring busy schedules with kids out of school, summer vacations, weekends on the lake, and happy hour with friends. It’s easy to want to slack off and let your business fall to the back burner, but in real estate summer is obviously a busy time for buying and selling, and you’ve also got to keep working on building your business.

We know checking off that summer bucket list is important, as it should be, but as entrepreneurs we still have to find ways to stay productive, not hit that summer slowdown, and make sure we are continuing to fill our pipeline for later in the year when things start to cool off a little bit. One of the biggest things is just simply keeping in touch with clients, making sure you keep yourself on people’s minds, so that even if they don’t need a Realtor this summer when they do need one later in the year you haven’t been forgotten. We hope everyone has had a great start to their summers, and we hope to see you at a happy hour or barbeque somewhere, but for now let’s dive into the show!