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CDO Matters Ep. 30 | AI and Data Literacy
Aug 10 2023
CDO Matters Ep. 30 | AI and Data Literacy
Episode OverviewIn this 30th episode of the CDO Matter Podcast, Malcolm has an inspired exchange with the ‘Dean of Big Data,’ Bill Schmarzo. Bill is an accomplished author, teacher, and C-level executive with a depth of knowledge in building and running large-scale data operations in service of some of the biggest companies in the world.In the discussion of his most recent book, “AI & Data Literacy,” Bill shares his insights into the six key responsibilities that all consumers of AI must fulfill to optimize their relationship with this transformative technology. In becoming more AI literate, we increase the likelihood that the utility of AI will be maximized for the good of society and not just the corporate bottom line. A critical component of this includes quantifying the concept of ‘ethics,’ which Bill strongly advocates is not only possible, but is absolutely necessary.Beyond the topic of AI, Bill and Malcolm touch on some of the bigger challenges CDOs face daily, including the importance of connecting data investments to business outcomes and how to potentially solve the ‘value’ equation inherent to every data estate. For CDOs seeking inspiration about the future of data management in an AI-enabled future, look no further than this episode of CDO Matters.Episode Links & Resources:• Follow Malcolm Hawker on LinkedIn• Follow Bill Schmarzo on LinkedIn• Read Bill Schmarzo's new book, 'AI & Data Literacy: Empowering Citizens of Data Science'