CDO Matters Ep. 29 | People and Data

CDO Matters Podcast

Jul 27 2023 • 44 mins

Episode Overview

In this 29th episode of the CDO Matter podcast, Malcolm has an engaging conversation with a long-established thought leader and noted author in the data and analytics space, Tom Redman.

Malcolm and Tom discuss Tom’s recently published book, ‘People and Data,’ where Tom shares his thoughts on the necessity of engaging data consumers to address some of the bigger data-related challenges all organizations face, particularly data quality. Tom shares his recipe for engaging as many stakeholders “without data in their titles” as possible, and the need for CDOs to assert their leadership through an acknowledgment many legacy approaches to data management simply aren’t working, including data governance.

Rather than seeing people as the core problem data leaders need to overcome, Tom makes a strong case that people are, in fact, the solution – especially those outside traditional data roles.

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