CDO Matters Ep. 35 | Speaking the Language of Business and Data with Veronika Durgin

CDO Matters Podcast

Oct 19 2023 • 43 mins

Episode Overview:

In the 35th episode of the CDO Matters Podcast, Malcolm speaks to Veronika Durgin, the VP of Data with Saks. As a data leader with more of a technical background, Veronika shares her insights on how she's applied the '30% rule' to learn the foreign language of business - a critical key to her success in data leadership.

Throughout the conversation, Veronika shares other practical lessons she's learned that make her such a learned and inspiring member of the data leadership community. Her story shows that with plenty of hard work, a dedication to learning, and plenty of self-awareness, a successful career in data is possible regardless of your background.

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