Episode 9, Maj Gen (Ret) Tony German

Journeys Through Leadership

Oct 20 2022 • 47 mins

Failure is not failing.

This is what Tony German wants others to understand.

Chief welcomes his first retiree to the podcast, former Adjutant General for New York State, Major General (Ret.) Tony German.

German gives his background, including his failures that led him to the where he is today. Chief and the retired general also discuss the difference between hearing and listening, mentoring and lecturing- and having the confidence in your leadership ability to change  and adapt without sacrificing your standards.

Also, the importance of being able to do the things you ask others to do and to take the time being happy in the job you are doing before trying to move on to something else.

The two also discuss book recommendations.

Tony German spent 36 years in the military and spent many of his years at the 109th Airlift Wing as a navigator and commander before leading the entire New York National Guard.