165: Leadership and Project Management

The Way of The Wolf

Feb 27 2024 • 13 mins

Podcast Show Notes – Episode 165 | 02.13.2024

Episode Title: Project Manager or Leader

Episode summary introduction:

In this episode, Sean Barnes delves into the distinctions and overlaps between leadership and project management. He discusses the importance of vision, problem-solving skills, flexibility, and adaptability in both roles. The episode also touches on the power of motivation, inspiration, and influence in leadership.

Key Moments

00:00 - Introduction to the episode

01:15 - Leadership vs. Project Management: Roles and Differences

02:39 - The Importance of Vision in Leadership

04:57 - Problem-Solving Skills in Leadership and Project Management

06:01 - Flexibility and Adaptability: Key Traits for Leaders and Project Managers

07:02 - The Power of Motivation and Inspiration in Leadership

10:06 - Overlapping Skills in Leadership and Project Management

11:01 - Influence: A Significant Aspect of Leadership

12:49 - Closing Remarks and Call for Reviews

Host: Sean Barnes

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