164: Changing Culture and Empowering Women w/ Ilda Andaluz

The Way of The Wolf

Feb 20 2024 • 50 mins

Podcast Show Notes – Episode 164 | 02.20.2024

Episode Title: Changing Culture and Empowering Women w/ Ilda Andaluz

Episode summary introduction:

In this episode, Sean Barnes engages with Ilda Andaluz, an EVP in a male-dominated industry. They discuss her journey, the use of DISC assessments, and changing organizational culture. Insights on leadership styles, introvert vs extrovert leaders, and leading remote teams are shared. The episode concludes with Ilda's vision for empowering women in the workplace.

Key Moments

00:00 Introduction of guest Ilda Andaluz

01:26 Journey to an EVP role and challenges in a male-dominated industry

08:17 Using DISC assessments and changing organizational culture

17:09 Discussing the transition of Varel and creating a cohesive global culture

27:01 Learning leadership styles and finding your own voice

35:14 Comparison of introvert vs extrovert leaders and leading remote teams

43:59 Empowering women in the workplace: Ilda's mission and vision

49:19 How to contact Ilda Andaluz

49:52 Conclusion & Contact Information

Guest: Ilda Andaluz

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilda-andaluz-mba-mj-in-law-0b78641/

Host: Sean Barnes

Website: https://www.wsssolutions.com/





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