176: Secrets to Career Progression w/ Kristin Juergens

The Way of The Wolf

May 14 2024 • 49 mins

Podcast Show Notes – Episode 176 | 05.14.2024

Episode Title:  Career Progression w/ Kristin Juergens

Episode summary introduction:

In this episode, guest Kristin Juergens delves into the competitive dynamics in HR and leadership. She shares her insights on the importance of curiosity, determination, and an abundance mindset in career progression. Topics such as overcoming fear, seeking mentorship, making career transitions, and the value of impactful advice are discussed. Kristinalso talks about dealing with imposter syndrome, shaping organizational culture, and her future plans.

Key Moments

0:00 - Introduction to guest Kristin Juergens

5:28 - Competitive dynamics in HR and leadership

9:58 - The role of curiosity, determination, and abundance mindset in career progression

15:25 - Overcoming fear, seeking help, and the importance of mentorship

20:14 - Making career transitions and the impact of impactful advice

27:21 - Career progression, affirmation, and maintaining positivity in adversity

30:51 - Building confidence, authenticity, and handling imposter syndrome in leadership

35:21 - Strategic thought in leadership and risk aversion in decision making

40:16 - Shaping organizational culture through positivity and empathy

46:37 - Kristin Juergens' future plans, staying authentic, and contact details

Guest: Kristin Juergens




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