Peg Chaidez - "Jumping into unknown territory..."

Jump 180 - Inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made a drastic jump in their careers and life

Jul 20 2020 • 29 mins

Peg Chaidez was on her way to be a world traveling journalist, but life had another plan for her.  After spending most of her corporate career at Tellabs in Naperville, Illinois, she pivoted again into a marketing role learning website development and digital marketing.  After an emotional day on the playground with her then 1st grader, she decided something had to be done.  Check out this story of how Peg's life pivoted once more for the better.

Peg has 20+ years of experience in digital strategy and marketing. She transitioned to a new career in 2017 as Co-Founder and President of Dream Build Play Experience, a non-profit with a mission to design, fundraise and build inclusive playgrounds for kids of all abilities. When her youngest son, Owen, was born with Arthrogryposis, Peg found her passion advocating for people with disabilities and educating people about the importance of inclusion.

Peg has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master of Science in integrated marketing communications. She is completing her certification as an ADA Specialist.

Peg serves on the Youth Outlook Board and the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association Inclusion Committee. She volunteers for non-profits committed to education, inclusion and mental health initiatives for children.