14. Shifting Gears: From 9-to-5 to RV Entrepreneur with Eric Johnson

RVing with Joe and Kait

May 6 2024 • 45 mins

Join us as we navigate the transformative journey from traditional employment to full-time RV living with guest, Eric Johnson from TechnoRV. In this episode, we delve into Eric's bold leap into RV entrepreneurship, the intricacies of buying and scaling a business on the road, and the personal and professional challenges that come with such a dynamic lifestyle change. Listen in to uncover the real experiences behind transitioning to life on wheels and running a thriving business, offering insights that resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs and adventurers alike.

Episode Guest

Eric Johnson has had many different chapters in his life, from corporate America, to giving it all up to full time RV for 7 years, running an online store during his travels, to stepping back from his online business to enjoy retirement. You may know Eric as the owner of TechnoRV, or as a friend from your travels, either way, you will likely enjoy this full circle success story from the RVing community.

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