Episode 35 - Idol Worship: Dario Argento

Midnight Mass

May 11 2022 • 1 hr 44 mins

Call your Three Mothers! This week, Peaches and Michael are donning their black leather gloves in a special Idol Worship celebration of Italian maestro of horror: Dario Argento! In addition to discussing this celebrated director's undeniable penchant for blood-soaked style, our hosts delve into the indulgent, fairytale logic of films like SUSPIRIA, PHENOMENA, and INFERNO. Joining the conversation is the rockin' writer of GIALLO, Sean Keller, who shares stories of crafting a script befitting a master. Then, acclaimed comic book creator Abby Denson stops by to share how Argento's unwillingness to be defined by anyone's standards but his own continues to inspire her own path as an artist. From flooded ballrooms to ballerinas gone berserk, this episode has it all! GO!