Midnight Mass

Peaches Christ & Michael Varrati

Join cult leader Peaches Christ & filmmaker Michael Varrati for some hilarious and hardcore audio worship of their favorite cult movies! Each episode focuses on a unique film, filmmaker, performer, or genre and includes special guest stars, super-fans, and surprises befitting midnight movie celebration. Subscribe today and truly become one of the Children of the Pod-corn!
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Episode 0- Welcome to Midnight Mass
Episode 22: Happy Hellidays & HellraiserEpisode 21: Earth Girls Are EasyEpisode 20: Auntie MameEpisode 19: Ed WoodEpisode 18: The BabyEpisode 17: Night Of The CometEpisode 16: The Bad SeedEpisode 15: MatildaEpisode 14: Halloween Special with Elvira!Episode 13: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2Episode 12: Rock N' Roll High SchoolEpisode 11: Blood DinerEpisode 10 - Idol Worship: John CarpenterEpisode 9: Little Shop Of HorrorsEpisode 8 - Idol Worship: William CastleEpisode 7- Desperate LivingEpisode 6- Death Becomes HerEpisode 5 - TromaEpisode 4 - JawbreakerEpisode 3 - Friday the 13th