Midnight Mass

Peaches Christ & Michael Varrati

Join cult leader Peaches Christ & filmmaker Michael Varrati for some hilarious and hardcore audio worship of their favorite cult movies! Each episode focuses on a unique film, filmmaker, performer, or genre and includes special guest stars, super-fans, and surprises befitting midnight movie celebration. Subscribe today and truly become one of the Children of the Pod-corn! Episodes released every other week. read less

Our Editor's Take

Midnight Mass is a podcast for cult movie lovers who want to learn more about the genre. Peaches Christ and Michael Varrati examine classics and what made them fan favorites. Those include The Room, The Wicker Man, and more.

The films on the podcast didn't receive critical acclaim but became a success over time. In some cases, they were so bad that people only kept watching them to make fun of them. The hosts rewatch these movies and try to decipher their appeal. They often also provide a queer perspective and explain how some movies are so bad that they become camp.

The Midnight Mass podcast hosts have decades of experience in the film and TV industry. Peaches began hosting a cult films evening in San Francisco in 1998, which ran for over ten years. Before the screening, there was an elaborate drag performance. Over the years, it attracted famous guest stars like RuPaul and Cassandra Peterson.

Aside from that, Peaches appeared on shows such as Totally Gay! and the films Spin the Bottle and Milk. Michael has more experience behind the camera. He wrote many made-for-TV horror films, like The Stepmother and Flesh for the Inferno. The writer has over 50 credits on IMDB for projects big and small.

Michael and Peaches provide different perspectives when reviewing films. Michael usually focuses on cinematography, direction, and other technical elements. He uses his knowledge of filmmaking to provide valuable insights.

Peaches is excellent at discussing absurd storylines and over-the-top acting. She uses her distinctive sense of humor to tear down a film or build it up. Often, the podcast hosts invite other cinema aficionados to join the conversations. Past notable guests include Bianca Del Rio, Kelli Maroney, and Charles Busch.

The hosts of Midnight Mass are usually blunt and vulgar and don't censor their opinions. There's a lot of sex talk, cynicism, and quips. While they offer the listeners so much information about each film, they also provide plenty of laughs. New episodes of the podcast come out on Wednesday every two weeks.

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