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That Was Pretty Scary


That Was Pretty Scary is a Horror film podcast hosted by Freddie Prinze Jr and Jon Lee Brody. Together they break down every horror film they’ve ever seen. It’s a long list and the two voices come from a place of experience, education, and most of all a shared love of Horror Movies. From the classics to new releases. From cult favorites to Horror Films from around the world. These two cover it all.

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Our Editor's Take

That Was Pretty Scary is a rewatch podcast dedicated to horror films. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jon Lee Brody host the show. The two are passionate about scary movies. They bring their experience and knowledge to the series. Freddie is an actor known for starring in I Know What You Did Last Summer. From a young age, he remembers visiting the video store every weekend in search of a new scary film. Freddie's passion for horror is what took him to Hollywood. He decided to follow in his late father's footsteps and start a career as an actor. Once there, he met his wife, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. He also met Jon, a filmmaker with a passion for Korean directors and '80s films. Jon appreciates the beauty of watching movies in the '80s without social media.

In each episode, Freddie and Jon rewatch classic movies like Scream and Psycho. The pair also review their favorite B-movies, such as Killer Klowns From Outer Space. They discuss the stories behind some of the scariest characters. The podcast hosts also explore the techniques filmmakers use to scare their audiences.

Dolls have often been a terrifying trope in horror movies, and Child's Play has a lot to answer for. In one podcast episode, Freddie and Jon discuss the vision of writer-director Tom Holland. Jon talks about how the scariest films often satirize what is happening in society. For Child's Play, it was all about consumerism and the need to own the best toy. In this way, Jon says, it makes the film much more believable and, thus, scarier.

That Was Pretty Scary is an entertaining guide to horror films throughout history. Freddie and Jon discuss storylines, casts, directors, and iconic scenes. These include true crime films, dark humor movies like Renfield, and classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street. Every film is up for review. New episodes arrive weekly, so there's always another scary film to rewatch and explore.

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