In this episode, Don Most joins the show.

"I’m back with my first love," says Don.  Before Most was an actor, he was a singer.  Fans may fondly recall episodes of "Happy Days" that featured the now iconic characters playing for patrons at the popular hang out called "Al's.”  Nowadays, Don's backed by a twelve-piece band on a national concert tours.  Although his red hair is silver now, he has clearly retained his appeal, appearing before packed houses of multiple generations, performing standards like "Lady Is A Tramp," "I Can't Give you Anything But Love" and "It Had To Be You." A scan of his audiences show fans in their late 20's to blue-haired music aficionados.  His enthusiasm and expertise is contagious, and it isn’t long before everyone is either tapping their toes, bobbing their heads and visibly swaying in time to the tunes.  Most and his group salute standards and composers from almost every decade of the last century.  In addition, Most excites the audience by sharing his knowledge of music through warm stylish deliveries and selections of swing, jazz and rock-and-roll.

Most has acted on television and directed several movies, but clearly finds a special connection with music of the Swing Era.  Shifting easily between vocal styles, Most pays homage to The Chairman of the Board, Dean Martin, and his idol Bobby Darin, while paying tribute to the path that brought him back to his musical roots. NEW YORK HIGH"My producer and I were going through songs to consider recording for a new cd," say Don.  "A friend of mine said he was friendly with a guy in England, Mike Read, who was known as the Casey Kasem of Great Britain.  But Mike also wrote songs.  My friend sent me a few and I really loved “New York High.”  Being from NY, and with the city starting to get back to normal after Covid, Don thought it would be a great song to do.  They were som pleased with the results that they made it the title of the new CD.New York High:
The “New York High,” single was just released in the UK and will be released as single domestically in the United States soon. They have released 2 other singles from the CD here in the US that did very well. The CD is up on ITunes and all the streaming platforms.DON MOST BACKGROUNDER ------------Critics agree, Don truly has vocal chops and he has a wonderful way of delivering each standard in a way that no one else can.  No matter how often you have heard that song before, it is as though your are hearing it for the first time, and loving every second of it!  Whether it is a ballad, or swinging favorites like Clementine and Mack the Knife, audiences know they are in for a treat with the first note. Donny has been touring regularly with his band, performing his “Sings and Swings: Sinatra, Dino, Darin & more” show.  In this performance, Donny delivers music from Sinatra and Darin, to Dean Martin and Nat King Cole and others from that era.
As an actor, Don was seen in a recurring role on the hit TV show “Glee”, as well as recently starring in the indie film, “The Yankles” and “Chez Upshaw” with Kevin Pollack and Illeana Douglas. He starred in “Campin Buddies,” appeared in the independent film “Remember Isobel,” and the short film “Duality.” Most's other feature film credits include “ED TV,” directed by Ron Howard; “Crazy Mama,” directed by Jonathan Demme and “The Great Buck Howard” starring John Malkovich.  In television, his other guest starring roles include “Men Of A Certain Age,” “Century City,” 'Star Trek: Voyager,” “Yes, Dear,” 'The Crow,” “Sabrina,” “Sliders,” “Dark Skies” and “The Family Guy.”