SB803 Signed: What It Really Means

Outgrowth: A Slice of Pro Beauty

Oct 18 2021 • 42 mins

Without SB 803, there would be no state board, no licenses and no regulation of beauty in California. Now that SB 803 has been signed, we’re relieved and excited. After spending months tracking, discussing and advocating for the continued regulation of beauty pros, we review what’s in the final version of the bill and how it may be implemented once it goes into effect on January 1, 2022.


California's SB 803 Bill Text

SB 803 A Signature Away

BBC Announcement

DCA Statistics

Taking Sides on SB 803

The Latest on SB 803

The Most Important Bill in the Beauty Industry

Impractical Exam

Beauty School Cop-Out: How Our Education Has Failed Us

Consider the Source


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