Season 2 'Novel Thinking Series' Episode 1 - “You have to trust the data. You have to trust yourself.”

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Oct 27 2020 • 21 mins

Introducing “Novel Thinking” w/ Randy Kobat of Cox Automotive – Today with Independent Dealer Bradley Berndt

Welcome back for Season 2 of the DNT Podcast! We’re proud to kick off the season with a new series: Novel Thinking with Randy Kobat of Cox Automotive.

Today’s interview is with Bradley Berndt of Green Bay, WI. Berndt first visited the DNT podcast in April, when the COVID-19 was still new. Now that the world and the auto industry are relatively acclimated to the pandemic, Randy and Bradley look back on the past six months to analyze lessons learned and talk about charting the path forward, plus what Bradley calls “The Great Pause” and how it’s helped him increase sales year-over-year in 2020.

This episode is packed with value. Bradley Berndt has a sharp mind for dealership decision making, and he drops golden nuggets of insight about every thirty seconds. Listen closely, and you might want to take notes.

Interview Highlights Include:

  • How our guest has filtered out deluge of irrelevant data to stay focused on what is relevant and valuable to his business.
  • The pros and cons of digital retailing, at the start of the pandemic vs. today
  • What are the little details and data points that, if you know how to recognize them, will add up to success in hard times.

“I need to pay attention to what’s happening in my world today and only today.”

— Bradley Berndt, Independent Auto Dealer

Bradley Berndt
is the owner of Auto Haus on Velp, a dealer of pre-owned luxury vehicles in Green Bay, Wisconsin that values Integrity, Quality, and Respect.

Cox Automotiveis a world leader in Automotive Industry innovation and information, “delivering inspired results to bridge the gap between consumers, manufacturers, dealers and lenders at every stage of the automotive experience.”