2024 Trend Predictions and Product Development Insight with Ellie

The Business & Pleasure of Flowers

Dec 19 2023 • 30 mins

Episode 208: Vonda and Lori welcome back  Ellie LaFever, PFCI.
Ellie shares her invaluable insights and expertise on the process of creating fresh flower designs for the Flower Clique library of images for member websites. With a focus on the importance of having an open mind, Ellie discusses the key factors to consider when developing new floral products that capture the attention and imagination of customers.

As we look toward the future, Ellie also provides intriguing predictions for the floral industry in 2024. Discover what trends she foresees emerging in the coming years and gain a competitive edge in staying ahead of the curve.

Whether you are an aspiring florist, a seasoned professional, or simply have a love for beautiful blooms, this podcast episode is packed with inspiration and practical advice. Join Vonda, Lori, and Ellie as they explore the world of fresh flower product development and share their excitement for the future of floral design.

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