How to Save Money for College if You’re a Millennial Parent

Financially Well

Jan 1 2022 • 12 mins

How much money should you save for college each month? This is a challenging question to answer when we have so little idea what college might look like for our young kids.

Welcome to the Millennial finance podcast Financially Well. In this episode, Kevin Mahoney, CFP® will talk about how to save money for college. In particular, he'll discuss how you can save money for your child’s college education with confidence and satisfaction – even while your future financial needs and interests remain unknown.

Kevin, who specializes in financial planning for Millennial parents, regularly hears from peers who want to better understand how to balance college savings with other financial goals. Using a 2021 book entitled, “The Price You Pay for College” to frame the discussion, Kevin will empower you to take some form of action that works for your family.