A personal glimpse into an international HR leadership role: hunger for adventure, empowering others and adapting to the challenges of 2023

Leaders Who Love What They Do

Jan 18 2023 • 26 mins

This episode is a rare and honest window into the world of international leadership. Eva Lundahl, an international HR leader specialising in talent acquisition, joins me for an initial conversation about her career journey, achievements, her motivation and the challenges along the way as well as her approach to managing team members and helping them to achieve their potential and their place in the team.

In the second half, she talks to the current challenges in 2022/3: recruitment and retention in international organisations and the need to adjust to the cultural shift we're seeing after COVID and communicate the wider benefits to joining a company to the market.

Eva is both visionary and pragmatic: tune in to be inspired and get her precious advice!

About Eva:
Eva is a Swedish national with 25+ years of experience in HR across multiple industries such as pharma biotech, IT/Telecom, Outsourcing/Consulting Services, Mining, Automotive and most recently in the Energy Sector at GE Renewables.

Throughout her career she has been a variety of roles, although mainly in HR with a specialization in Recruitment, she’s also managed the change connected to large HR & TA system implementations such as SAP, Taleo, Cornerstone & WD.

She’s built and managed recruitment teams and models varying from in-house, outsourced, off-shored and hybrid in large multi-national organisations both regionally & globally. Her motivation lies in being able to leverage her experience and help organisations build and adapt their TA models to the needs and context of the business.

There is no one best model, but a multitude of variations to be considered to support business growth. Enabling her team to have access to the right number and level of resources, tools & slick processes are elements she looks at when considering the set-up. Supporting her team, helping them to develop and identify their strengths and weaknesses to complement each other on their journey is what keeps her going.

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